A QHHT® session is a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of your life into your subconscious mind to discover the answers to all of your questions and to initiate

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Payment Options

  • Cash

  • INTERAC e-transfer

  • Credit Card*, via PayPal or Square.


*An additional $5 service fee will be added to all credit card payments.

Your QHHT® Session

Time, Investment & Commitment

Intensive, as well as enlightening and uplifting, your session will last between 5 and 6 hours, and sometimes more.

This means my whole day is booked just for you!


Most people only need one session.


For many clients, a Dolores Cannon certified QHHT® 

experience is a one-time investment in themselves, as
a part of their journey to personal, spiritual or professional development, and/or physical or emotional self-healing.


Your QHHT® session is strictly confidential.

You will also receive an audio recording of your session.

 QHHT® Session Cost

Minimum duration is 5 hours (sometimes 6 hours or more) 

  $300 ( + 15% HST)


A $75, non refundable, deposit is required to book your session.

Session offered in person, only.

For comparison a therapeutic massage session is 60-80$ an hour. A QHHT® session is a one-time
investment in guidance and self-healing coming directly from your Higher Self.

How to Prepare

Your List of Questions

It’s important for you to take some time to prepare your list of questions. These can be about your relationships, career, health, life purpose, projects, curiosities, etc.


Your list must be handwritten, legibly, or printed on
a sheet of paper. (Not on your phone or tablet)

Appointments are usually scheduled to start at 10 am. Don’t forget to bring your list of questions.


It is recommended that you dress comfortably, make sure you have eaten well before you arrive (avoid drinking alcool or too much coffee), and to bring a snack for after your session.

What to

When you arrive, we’ll sit down and have a nice chat and I’ll explain the process. We’ll talk about your life journey so far and why you decided to have a session. Finally, we’ll go over your list of questions.

Then, with the understanding that hypnosis is a safe and natural state of being, you will allow me to easily guide
you into this extremely comfortable, peaceful and relaxing experience. This part of your session will be recorded.


Because I will not lead you anywhere you do not wish to go, you will always remain in control of the situation.

Each person’s experience is unique, so it’s important not have expectations about how your session will unfold, 
and allow and trust whatever shows up.

Some people see movie-type images; others see snapshots, flashes or impressions, some feel emotions, physical or other sensations, such as smells, sounds, etc. However it happens for you, know that you will experience exactly what you are supposed to experience. The subconscious will not show you anything you aren’t ready to see.


After I count you out of the hypnotic state, you will feel wonderful and refreshed, like if you had a nice nap. We’ll have a short discussion/debriefing while you eat your snack.

My Role

Guide and facilitator

My role is to ask questions and undertake a dialogue with your subconscious (higher self, intuitive self, your connection to the Creative Source).


Your subconscious will guide you to the most appropriate time and place. My objective is to guide you to find information that can help you in the best way possible.

I conduct my QHHT® sessions exactly how it was taught by Dolores and Julia Cannon.

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Your Role

Tips to make your session flow easily*


  • When I ask a question, always TRUST to say the VERY FIRST THOUGHT that comes to mind. (The more you do this, the easier it gets.)

  • When I ask you to see something, SEE it in AS MUCH DETAIL as you can IMAGINE. (Visualization is from the right brain and it helps you to go DEEPER.)

  • TALK and TALK a LOT! Get lost in the story.


*Source : Suzanne Spooner, Level 3  Practitioner /Moderator QHHT® Official Forum  


Listening to your recording

Most people notice that they are awake and aware during their regression, but just like when you wake up and remember a dream, the details may soon start to fade. This is why it is important to listen to your session recording, and to listen to it often. It is part of the experience. It will give you a different perspective, which will help you assimilate the information and to anchor and deepen the self-healing. 


When you choose to experience a QHHT® session, you understand that you are the one
providing your own answers and self-healing. The practitioner’s role is to guide and help
facilitate the experience.