Group Regression Workshops




A Fascinating Journey into Your Subconscious Mind 

Wise and compassionate, your subconscious/Higher Self is your connection to the Source of all creation. It has all the archives of everything that has happened to you in your present life and all the other lives you have experienced (past and future and in other dimensions). It knows about your mission and your life purpose, and so much more.


Depending on the intention you choose to set for the workshop, you can explore:


  • a deeper connection to your Higher Self and develop your intuition

  • a past, future or other life (no need to believe in past lives, your subconscious can also communicate through metaphors and storytelling to answer your questions)

  • with a group of friends or family members to discover if you've experienced a past life together and what roles you played at that time (a private session for your group can be arranged)

Designed for small groups (3 to 5 participants), it allows more time for sharing and discussions.  

*QHHT® Official has given practitioners permission to offer group regression workshops online, as long as they are private and not recorded. This is not a QHHT® session.

Workshop Calendar (in English)

Minimum 3 participants/maximum 5 participants




On line or in person.

Please contact me if you are interested in participating in a group regression.

Pour le calendrier des ateliers en français : CLIQUER ICI

Payment Methods & To Reserve Your Spot

Interac e-Transfer : $25 (in Canadian dollars)

Credit Card via PayPal : $30 (in American dollars)

Please contact me for more information or to reserve your spot.

What to Expect

  • Short presentation about QHHT®

  • Visualization and breathing exercises

  • Guided meditation to set your intention

  • Past life (future or other) group regression experience

  • Meet your Higher Self/Guide to receive a message 

  • Tips to maintain and further develop your connection with your Higher Self


Duration: 2 hours

In person or via Zoom Video Conference 

Cost: $25 per person   


A relaxing and a fascinating adventure into the world of your subconscious mind!

How to Prepare

  • Make sure you are sitting and dressed comfortably

  • Make sure you are in a private setting, where you will not be disturbed

  • Make sure the notification sounds on your phone are off

  • Fast Internet connection

  • Using headphones or earbuds is recommended

  • You will need a journal or notebook and a pen

In the meantime, you can start putting out your intention or see what question you’d like to ask your Higher Self. And don’t be surprised if a few interesting synchronicities or insights already start showing up on your path. 


“This deeply nourishing group regression workshop helped me to further explore my hypnosis experience, my inner journeys and life moments. The guidance Renée provides is both warm and professional. An opportunity not to be missed, that I wouldn’t hesitate to experience again!”


- Kalliopy Paleos, USA


Here’s an interview I did with Kayla Paradis, a yoga teacher and intuitive healer, who participated in the (in person) version of this workshop.