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The Healing Crystal Cave

Pour lire cet article en français CLIQUER ICI.

In most QHHT® sessions (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, developed by Dolores Cannon), the practitioner has the opportunity to ask the client’s subconscious/higher self to do a body scan in order to correct imbalances and to heal the body.

In this unusual and amazing session, my client, Anne, was taken to a beautiful cave. There, crystal beings that lived in the cave performed the scan and healing.

Anne is not her real name. I changed it and omitted some information in order to respect her privacy. It is with her permission that I share parts of her session with you. Most of the session was conducted in French, which I have translated.

This part happened early in the session, and I had not yet asked for a body scan. We were exploring a planet that had a desert-like landscape, without plants or any life forms. She felt that the civilizations were underground, and wanted to go there and explore.


Session Excerpt

R: How are you going to get there?

A: I can float.

R: Tell me when you get inside.

A: I’m going through some type of tunnel. It’s not narrow. There’s lots of room to pass … but my body is not physical. It’s still etheric. Wow! This is weird!

R: Can you see your body? Even if it’s etheric, it must have some form. Can you see your feet?

A: It’s not feet … um. It’s like a long floating tunic.

R: What colour?

A: Navy blue, with a bit of dark forest green. It’s darker, but I’m in the tunnel. I’m still in the tunnel. It has like things on the side … like filaments.

R: Like tentacles?

A: No, not tentacles. It’s very eerie. It’s eerie. Like, not like slime … it’s like…

R: Consistency… like algae?

A: Almost like algae.

R: And it floats, it hangs off?

A: No it’s airy…

R: It’s on all the sides of the tunnel, or just parts?

A: I want to move past this part. I want to get to the end of the tunnel, because I’ve been in it a heck of a long time.

R: It’s a long tunnel? A: Yes. Wait a minute. Oh … it’s opening into a cave, an underground cavern with crystals.

R: What colour?

A: It starts in the blues and ends in purple. Closer to the wall, it’s dark blue and then it tones down and becomes purple. It’s on the sides and the ceiling (pause). Now, I’m trying to see the floor. The floor is more luminous.

R: Because it’s not dark in the cavern, there’s light?

A: Yes. The further you get away from the sides it’s more luminous inside.

R: How big is it?

A: It’s immense, like a cavern. I’m starting to go down … it’s weird. It’s nothing I would have conceived of. I can go down…

R: You can go down to the floor?

A: Yes, but it’s all made of crystal, all crystals; and they are beings. They’re “hum”(she makes the ‘hum’ sound)… humming.

R: Do you understand their language?

A: I don’t know. Just a minute. They’re … it’s all a big community of different colours that “hum” different notes, a different sound. It’s some type of healing.

R: Are they in harmony or disharmony?

A: In harmony. It’s a healing … it’s a healing crystal cave.

R: What is the purpose of this healing crystal cave? Do people go there to get themselves healed?

A: Yes. ME!

R: So, you are coming there in your etheric body. How are they going to do the healing?

A: They “hum”.

R: And where are you during this time? On the surface?

A: I’m floating.

R: Are you comfortable?

A: Yes.

R: Are you lying on your back?

A: I’m standing. They are all around me … and if I want to go deeper. Yes, I can go deeper and they are “humming” more, and sometimes I can touch them.

R: What does it feel like to touch them?

A: It tinkles.

R: It gives you vibrations, like goosebumps?

A: No. It’s like the children’s song “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” It’s like scintillating … singing and scintillating the cells in my body. Ah … there are beautiful ones there, violet-mauve. Oh! It’s going up my leg, it’s now come to the level of the knees.

R: Left or right?

A: A bit on the left, more on the right. It’s going up … it’s more at the level of the knees.

R: Are these entities working on you to fix things in Anne’s physical body?

A: Yes.

R: Can you ask them what they are doing and why?

A: They’re working on the muscles of my leg, right calf. They’re repairing the knees, the inside of the thigh up to the hip. The right foot is all white. It’s completely white from the calf to the ankle on the right foot. It’s like I’m in a scanner, and the scanners are all crystals. The scanners that humans have, they try to imitate this, but they are “off” in their intentions.

R: You mean something like an MRI [magnetic resonance imaging] scan?

A: Yes, and they are “off” because the electromagnetic is not there; it’s not healing.

R: It’s just observing. Observer.

A: Yes. And they need to work pretty hard and take a tangent from where they are now—a big tangent—in order to incorporate crystals into their machine.

R: Because now, the magnetic machines take pictures but don’t do any healing?

A: No. This is healing.

R: They can see and do healing with the crystals.

A: There is no one around. It’s just…

R: So it’s just the crystals that are taking care of you?

A: Yes, but they are the ones that “shine”. It’s almost like they are surrounding my leg completely, like as if I was in a tube and the resonances that they make … um … my ankle is hurting.

R: At this moment? There is no need to experience pain. While they do this on your physical body here, we can remove all pain. You don’t need to feel pain while they are fixing this.

A: OK. So, they will continue to “buzz”. They are working in the lower back, the buttocks … now my whole leg is in it. OK, now I need to go in even more … oh! That’s funny. You’d think that it would scratch you because it is crystal. But, because I have a body that is floating, an etheric body … there is no sense of touch. It’s just a feeling. OK, now I am in up to both hips. The whole lower body from the waist down is now inside [the tube]. They’re going to put something over the head. You know, like a pill, a capsule … the two ends that you put together … well, it’s like that. OK. I’m all in. I’m completely encapsulated in that capsule. It’s like a crystal capsule. Inside the capsule, it’s all crystals. On the outside, it’s like a big amethyst rock, like a geode. I’m encapsulated in a kind of geode, a long geode that surrounds my whole body.

R: And those crystals, what are they doing, exactly?

A: They’re “humming”. The humming, and the light and the colour, they are touching my etheric body, I don’t know the technique but it’s working. It’s working on my etheric body and it will have an impact on my physical body. Because once this is done, there will be a period of adaptation between the etheric and the physical. Six days!

NOTE: From this point, Anne was given specific information regarding the questions she had brought to the session, including the root of her health-related challenges and tips on how to help facilitate with the healing. In the section below, I share general information that she received that could also benefit others.

Rejuvenation is possible if you change your beliefs

R: What does she need to do for it to heal?

A: Change her beliefs … the fundamental belief that all humans, when aging, lose the capacity to regenerate cells. In reality, rejuvenation is a fact. That programming exists in the matrix of human thought that says aging equals generalized cellular degeneration. It is that deep belief that is at the core … the core is in the genes.

R: The work being done by the crystals at this moment is at the DNA level? That’s what you said earlier?

A: It’s at the etheric level, and the etheric is one part. The other part … the etheric could be healed, coming back in a body where the genes have another type of programming. Can that also affect the etheric? I don’t know. I am asking the crystals … (pause). What’s done is done [they say]. In other words, a healing is a healing. It can be overshadowed by the creative thoughts each individual has; it can infect that. From an etheric point of view, it’s done. It is healed. You need to go to the root of the pattern, in the DNA.

R: Is there something they can do about that?

A: Um, not them. The crystals are one thing … the other thing I don’t know how to do.

R: Where are the crystals at now, in regards to the regeneration in the capsule?

A: The ding, ding has rung. It’s done.

R: Can they tell you why you were brought to this specific location?

A: It’s irrelevant. It’s not important. The important thing is that I was brought there. I said yes. The guides assisted in making it happen… Whatever, it’s irrelevant.

R: The guides, they were the ones from your council?

A: Yes.

R: This planet, where you were brought through the tunnel and the crystals, is this a planet that you inhabited previously or just a place where they took you for the healing?

A: In the beginning, I had the sensation that I had lived there before, where I would have guided or accompanied other people there. And I am, myself, part of these crystals… I don’t know, but it’s not important. It feels more like I’ve been here before or that I assisted other people, like myself. I’ve come here many times. It’s a place I visit, rather than inhabit. It’s a real planet though, not etheric.

R: Do you know which system this planet is in?

A: Ouanina [phonetic].

R: We thank the crystal entities on this planet for the healing, as well as the guides from the Council that accompanied you. We know integration will take place over the next six days and we have noted the recommendations to facilitate this integration.

FINAL NOTE: Later in the session, Anne’s subconscious/higher self gave more explanation about why the scan happened the way it did and provided more details and tips to help her integrate the healing in her physical body.

Copyright © 2019 Renée Morel. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and that you include the URL link to this page.

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